Company Formation in Ajman

Free Zone company formation is one of the most rewarding business options one can choose in the United Arab Emirates. A business set up in the Free Zone jurisdiction in Ajman can turn the game in favour of you. Ajman has exemplary investor-friendly policies that are constructive for business development. A company formation in Ajman free Zone is undoubtedly the best decision one can take. You can proceed with the setting up of a business firm with complete support from the authority.

One of the oldest Free Zones in the UAE – the Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) was established in 1988, leading to a massive industrial development by engaging a great number of companies to benefit from the investment privileges. This Freezone provides you the opportunity to open Company in UAE with cheap Trading Licenses and good facilities.

Ajman free zone today has approximately 256 industrial firms which constitutes for 20% of the total number of industrial units in the UAE and ranks third among all the Emirates. The strategic and cost-effective location of this free zone makes it attractive for investors around the world to invest in different sectors and also for the business community to start their new ventures.

Company formation in Ajman Free Zone is much cheaper than most of the nearby emirates. Biz Start Dubai with its transparent working environment and affordable fees offers Ajman Free Zone business setup with or without visa plan which makes us even more attractive when it comes to Free Zone company formation. We offer a whole range of company formation services to help our clients get their companies registered in the AFZ.

Freezone Company Formation Ajman Benefits

Here are the benefits of company formation in Ajman Free Zone:
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Fast set-up process license can be within 24 hours
  • Competitive pricing with low operating costs
  • Exemption from personal, income and corporate taxes
  • Exemption from customs duty for goods.
  • No restrictions on capital, trade barriers or quotas

Ajman Free Zone Company Formation Advantages

Economic advantages of company registration in Ajman Free Zone.

There are some advantages of considering Ajman Freezone for starting a company and continuing business.

  • You will find Ajman Freezone as a cost-efficient city with respect to the company registration.
  • The rents are very low as compared to Dubai and Sharjah
  • The power cost is also inconsiderable.
  • Four seaports and two international airports are at a distance of a few minutes.
  • The roads, buildings, parking areas, recreational spaces, and hotels are abundant in the city
  • Manufacturers can locate the raw material very easily.

License Types in Ajman Free Zone:

Ajman Free Zone allows four types of businesses to be set up. When you choose to start a business here, you must choose from any one of these four company types:

Trading License:

This license is issued to any foreign, UAE, or free zone entity for trading activities.

Professional or Service License:

A free zone entity, UAE or Foreign company can provide professional or service activities.

Industrial License:

A free zone entity, UAE or Foreign company can perform manufacturing activities with this license

E- Commerce License:

AFZA issues E – Commerce licenses for investors to promote the online trading sector. E- Commerce license offering by Ajman Free Zone is only for electronic trading and technical & marketing support activities or investors.

National Industrial License:

A company operating in the free zone is awarded an Industrial license if it meets certain eligibility criteria. Basically, the business needs to be registered within GCC countries. Moreover,   51% of the shares need to be owned by GCC national(s) and accomplish at 40% of the process of manufacturing in the free zone.

Offshore License:

AFZA issuing offshore company license to attract the investors and make Ajman Freezone as an offshore business hub. Offshore company registering in Ajman are not permitted to do business in the freezone and UAE. Ajman offshore company only allows international business and not eligible to apply for the residence visa.

Permitted Legal Entities:

Business licensing and the registration of companies in the free zone is handled by the Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA). You can register or set up a business as an individual or a corporate entity in any of the following legal forms. There are four kinds of legal entities can be registered as in Ajman Free Zone (AFZA).

Free Zone Company (FZC):

A new business owned by 2 – 5 shareholders at a minimum capital investment.

Free Zone Establishment (FZE):

A new business owned by one shareholder and registered with a minimum capital investment.

Branch of a Local Company:

The parent company should be UAE based and have been in business for over a year.

Branch of a Foreign Company:

A non-UAE based company can run a business in AFZA, however, the parent company should have been in business for not less than one year and only a registered distributor or agent in the UAE can make sales. The shareholder can conduct either a commercial, industrial, or professional service.

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