Free Zone Company Setup

Free Zone Company Formation

Over 30 free zones are available to investors, each with world-class infrastructure and amenities that go above and beyond international norms. Free zone allows you to trade both globally and domestically, either by collaborating with a local supplier or by setting up your own firm. As a result, you are eligible for several tax breaks and incentives, including exemptions from import duties and a wide range of reporting options that give you complete control over your business. Each Free Zone symbolizes the ideal location for a certain type of company and is distinct from the rest of the Emirates free zones.

Locations of Businesses in Free zone

Free Zone Business Setup

Dubai Freezone

It’s a well-known fact that the tax and customs advantages offered by the Dubai Freezone are unparalleled in the world. Dubai’s freezone is situated in an ideal location, just a short distance from the city’s mainland. You may rely on Company Setup to help you locate a luxurious freezone site. The Freezones in Dubai offer a fantastic chance for businesses to grow and expand.

Abu Dhabi FreeZone

Abu Dhabi is a wealthy state in Dubai, and the city’s leadership has taken great care of the free zone. In order to alleviate any financial concerns, we’ve found the greatest bargains for you. The easiest way to get help is to send us a quotation. We’ll provide you with advice, contacts, and even the best booking options.

Sharjah Freezone

If you’re in the industry of importing and exporting, this is your best bet for a creative and innovative site. Freezone agreements that have been meticulously negotiated allow small businesses to reach new heights.

Ajman Freezone

In order to attract foreign investors, Ajman has taken great care of its freezones. The city’s exports and imports have benefited greatly from the region’s free zones. Branch and regional offices should be established in this area to manage the company’s network.

Fujairah Freezone

For both small and large firms, there are a number of free zones available. As a well-designed and well-managed city, you’ll find Fujairah to be a great place to work. With our aid, you’ll be able to create the most effective and efficient contracts available.

Umm Al Quwain Freezone

UAE’s most significant emirate is Umm Al Quwain in terms of local markets and investment. For international investors, there are numerous chances for growth in the building, marketing and technology sectors. In order to get the most out of your time in the Middle East, we recommend that you use our contacts and networking to get the most out of your time there.

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Free Zone Company Setup UAE Services

With Biz Start’s help, you may get started in the United Arab Emirates by following these steps:

Find a free zone that
works best for you

Different free zones, as previously indicated, cater to the requirements of various company kinds. The finest free zone for your specific free zone will be recommended by our experts because they are constantly integrating firms in various free zones throughout the UAE.

Help you choose the trade license
and business structure

Trade permits and business formats vary in various free zones. Choose the appropriate business structure for your company with our assistance. The kind of business operations you choose to conduct in the UAE will have an impact on whether or not you need a trade license. We’ll apply for the trade license you need to start a company.

Register your company
in the free trade zone

Registration procedures and required documentation vary each free zone. You don’t have to worry about any of that, though, because our specialists will take care of everything for you during registration. All you need to do is produce copies of readily available papers, such as a passport.

Help you with other facets
of your business

We may also assist you with other areas of running your business, such as creating a bank account. We know how difficult it can be to start a new business, which is why we are here to help you with all the knowledge and experience you require. Even after the establishment of your firm, our team of specialists will continue to serve as your consultants.

Free Zone Company Formation UAE Benefits

Here are a few advantages of establishing a business in UAE free trade zones:

  • 100 percent ownership for both natives and non-natives
  • Local sponsors/agents are not necessary
  • There are no limits on foreign currency transactions
  • Exclusion from export and import tariffs
  • 100 percent tax exemption on corporate and individual earnings
  • One hundred percent repatriation of all profits and financial assets.
  • Workspace alternatives such as digital, office space, etc
  • The availability of skilled personnel and the ease of recruiting.
  • Business advisors are available for UAE free zone firm creation.

These are some of the benefits that are common across the free zones you will find in the UAE. There are more benefits provided by the specific free zone you will choose for your business. As there is competition between the free zones to attract more startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and freelancers. You can expect to find special benefits in all the free zones.

Frequent Ask Questions

How can I start trading business in UAE?

Once you decide the performed activities and the legal structure of your company, you can issue the trade license and register your business, then you’ll be ready to go! All you need is an experienced consultancy company like ours to start a fast and cost-effective process.

What is company formation?

It is a process of registering the business as a limited company at the companies’ house. In this way the business is considered to be a legal entity.

What are the steps to form a company?

The most important steps to forming a company in Dubai include:

  • Deciding on a local partner,
  • Getting a name and activity approval from the Department of Economic Development (DED),
  • Look for location and tenancy contracts
  • Make a memorandum of association (MOA) with the sponsor.
Can we start a company in UAE while sitting outside UAE?

Setting up business in Dubai is quite easy and highly convenient. It is possible to open or start a company outside the Emirates if you wish. The process includes the use of online verifications and payments methods. You can contact us for contacts, choices, and budget plans.

What is the corporate income tax in the UAE?

The corporate income tax in Dubai is not applied. In other words it stands at 0% (Zero Percent).

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