Shams Free Zone Business Setup

A Shams limited liability company (LLC) is an independent entity whereby the company structure separates the owners and shareholders from the company. Hence the liabilities of the company, whether arising in contract or otherwise, are the company’s liabilities and not the personal liabilities of the shareholders. Equally the company’s assets are the company’s assets and not the personal assets of the shareholders. Shams Free Zone, also known as Sharjah Media City, is just 5 minutes from Sharjah International Airport and 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport. Shams Free Zone issues service, trade and industrial licenses. It welcomes more than 200 business activities, covering everything from accounting and auditing to publishing and wholesale.

Benefits of setting up a company in:
Shams Free Zone (Sharjah Media City)

100% Business Ownership

As an expatriate, you can own 100% of the company and remit all profits to your home country.

Incorporate From Anywhere

Shams allows shareholders to incorporate a new company without the need to be present in the UAE.

Fast & Afforfable

Shams offers quick and easy online registration with no deposit required.

On-Site Services

Offers on-site services to its clients including visa, phone, document translation and attestation.

Wide Range of Activities

Shams welcomes a wide range of business activities and allows for multiple activities under one licence.

Strategic Location

Shams is located just off the E88 and E611 highways, within reach of two major international airports.

Business Activities

Shams Free Zone (Sharjah Media City) welcomes a range of financial and professional business activities. Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Insurance Services
  • Information Services
  • Scientific Research and Development
  • Advertising
  • Trading
  • Education
  • Travel Agencies
  • Sports
  • Bookkeeping and Auditing
  • Broadcasting
  • Wholesale
  • HR
  • Publishing
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10 reasons to set up in Shams Free Zone

1. Shams Free Zone has business benefits

Competitive company setup fees, Multiple business activities can be conducted under the same license, 100% foreign ownership is permitted, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, 0% corporate and personal income tax, No currency restrictions, 100% import and export tax exemption

2. Easy setup process

Shams Free Zone aims to make it as easy as possible for businesses to set up in the free zone and get working. As long as all paperwork is filed correctly, authorities award the licence within days.

3. Flexible office arrangements

Shams offers flexible office and desk space options including IT and tech support. It can provide almost any kind of facility – dedicated or shared hot desk, private office, or creative units providing flexible space, e.g. for use as a showroom or setting up a community area.

4. Shams Free Zone permits many business activities

Shams is open to a broad range of business activities on the same license. Shams free zone is not dominated by media companies, with many doing business in trading activities. Shams is also home to a number of retailers, events and e-commerce companies, and management consultancies. The most common businesses in Shams Free Zone are:

Event management, Trading (garment and automobile trading), e-commerce, Film production/post-production, Graphic design, Investment consultancy, Business/project management consultancy, Media, Marketing

5. Multiple shareholders

In Shams, it’s possible to establish your business with multiple shareholders – up to a maximum of 50 – which can be either individual, corporate entities, or a combination of the two. Shareholders aren’t required to be physically present in the UAE.

6. Multiple visas

Under the Shams flexi-desk package, it’s possible to apply for up to six visas, for you, and your shareholders or employees.

7. Thriving business community

There is a thriving business community. Shams organises regular seminars, networking events and conferences. Entrepreneurs can meet, share ideas and collaborate. It also provides opportunities to meet new clients.

8. Free education

Shams provides media-focused education and training. Industry experts from around the world regularly run seminars and training sessions at Shams where media professionals can go to hone their skills.

9. Support services

Extensive support services are offered in the free zone, from technical help to guidance on running a business. Shams also helps new customers by featuring them on its website and social media pages.

10. Strategic location

The location is easily reached from both Sharjah and Dubai international airports. Now you know why Shams Free Zone is the right place to set up your business, let’s look at how to do this.