Holding Company in Dubai

Are you here because you are interested in holding company setup in Dubai? Before we dig into the process, let’s first establish what a holding company is.

Basically, a holding company is an LLC or a corporation that owns and controls subsidiary business entities. For example, if you owned a wellness clinic and wanted to sell supplements in a retail store and you also wanted to publish a fitness magazine, then it would be wise to get a holding company for this venture. The holding company won’t manufacture the products or be involved in any operations, but it will own the stocks and control the operating companies. With a holding company, you still get the advantages of doing business in Dubai, like tax exemptions and protection of foreign assets.

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How to Register a Holding Company in Dubai?

Here are a few things to know before registering your holding company in Dubai

1. Selecting a Right Location

A company needs to select the right location in Dubai so that it allows the company to get the right consumers and clients quickly to boost the business sales. Hence, research is essential to ensure that you buy the right location or rent it according to your business plans.

2. Requirements of Registration

There are no official necessities when you are starting your company in Dubai. Still, it is suggested that you have legal written agreements that can allow protecting your business when you are in legal problems. The written agreements and documents are like contracts among the stakeholders that are drafted to conform their terms to substantive matters.

3. Choosing the Right Business Consultant in Dubai

If you are not aware of the rules and regulations of the Dubai business world, then you will need to find a business consultant that can help you with the experience and expertise that they have. Many business advisory firms can offer you information on how you can start your shareholding company in Dubai and how you can invest your money in the right way. This will help you to get ahead with business registration and setup quickly rather than getting involved in all the complications that you might find strange.

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