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6 Reasons to Setup a Company in Shams Free Zone

6 Reasons to Setup a Company in Shams Free Zone

There are more than 40 multidisciplinary free zones in the United Arab Emirates. Most of these free zones are located in Dubai.

Now other states are also paying attention to the free zones. One is the Sharjah Media City (Shams) free zone in Sharjah.

Established in 2017, Shams is a newly established free zone that gained great popularity in a shorter period of time.

This is because this free zone provides multiple facilities to newbie entrepreneurs. Shams is undoubtedly one of the most reputed free zones in the UAE.

As a result, it draws the attention of people from diverse backgrounds. In this blog post, we will walk you through six reasons to set up a business in Shams free zone.

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1.  Ideal location

First thing first!

Location plays a vital part in the success of any business. Another plus point of running a business in this free zone is its supreme location which attracts foreign investors.

Fortunately, you can reach Sharjah Airport from this spot within 5-7 minutes. How amazing it is!

Different roads connect Shams free zone to several areas of Sharjah and Dubai.

2. Straightforward registration process

Other free zones have strict rules and regulations. On the other hand, Shams free zone has made all the rules and regulations pretty simpler and easier for businessmen.

Business owners can easily get approval from authorities.

The whole registration process has become digitalized now; therefore, there is less paperwork involved in this process.

If you want to get a license for your business in this free zone, you do not need to wait for weeks.

Not at all!

Instead, you can get the license for your company right after three working days. Most importantly, it does not require a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the sponsors if you are going to carry a resident Visa in UAE.

3. Quite economical

As compared to other emirates, Sharjah is pretty cost-effective. That’s why many corporate sectors are shifting to Sharjah so that they grow their business efficiently.

This is because Shams free zone offers ultimate business solutions cost-effectively. For example, you can set up a business with AED 11500 per annum cost. Other perks of running a business in Shams include:

  • Zero import & export tax
  • Total repatriation of profits
  • Absolute ownership for expatriates

4. Home to various business activities

Setting up a new business in UAE is not as challenging as you might think. To accomplish this task perfectly, you need to choose the right business activity in this free zone.

The good news is that Shams offers a wide range of business activities on the same business license that can be easily selected for doing a new business.

This perk is not available in other free zones. How cool it is!

5. Effortless visa process

Once you get the trade license in this free zone, you will need to get the visa. Luckily, Shams free zone simplifies this task for entrepreneurs and investors to get visas.

In addition, you can sponsor your family members if you are a foreign business owner. As an employer, you can also apply for six visas for your employees.

6. Hassle-free bank opening system

Last but not least!

Its simple bank account system is the key factor that captivates people to invest in this free zone.

Compared to other free zones of UAE, where bank opening gives headaches to many business owners, Shams has made it easy to open a bank account.

It also provides bank names where you can easily open a bank account.


There you have 6 reasons to set up a company in Shams free zone.

We hope you can now become familiar with this amazing free zone of the UAE. However, if you are a newbie business owner looking for the best business consultants in UAE, you do not need to panic anymore.

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