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Different Types of Business Licenses in Dubai – Choose The Right One for You!

Dubai is one of the biggest business hubs in the world. But to do business in Dubai, you need to get a license. Business licenses are very important for every potential businessman in Dubai. In this article, we are going to discuss the different types of licenses that you can get from the department of economic development or from civil service authorities.

There are basically five main types of licenses available in Dubai. You need to apply for the license according to the nature of your business, trade, or the location in which you want to operate if you don’t have much knowledge about the different business licenses and what kind of business activities are allowed with these licenses.

Few Popular Types of Business Licenses in Dubai

Here we have listed the most commonly issued businesses licenses in Dubai:

Commercial License in Dubai

The commercial license is one of the most popular ones, which is only issued to people or companies who want to participate in trade (buying and selling of products). If you have this license, you can easily trade-in and outside the United Arab Emirates.

There are multiple types of commercial licenses offered by the economic development department of Dubai. The type of license you get depends on the nature of your trade; when starting a new business or investing in an existing one, you have to specify your future business activities before the DED.

Here is a list that includes some of the major business or trade activities you can practice with the commercial trade license:

  1. Trade of publication and media products
  2. New and used furniture
  3. Oil, gasoline, fluid trading
  4. Spare parts (new and old)
  5. Gold and other metals
  6. Chemical trading
  7. Automobile trading (old and new)
  8. Safety and medical equipment

All of these trade activities fall under the umbrella of commercial license in Dubai. You can do commercial business in mainland Dubai, or you can also operate in free zones. Whatever location you choose, you have to specify it at the time of filing for the license application.

Professional License in Dubai

This is the type of license that is basically offered to people who have educational degrees, achievements, certifications, and very high training skills. For instance, if you want to provide services in Dubai as a teacher, artist, craftsman, plumber, or in the banking sector, then you would need to apply for a professional license in Dubai.

This type of business or service would need to be registered with the civil works company in Dubai, especially if you are working with multiple partners or a team. Some of the business activities that fall under this specific license are mentioned below for your knowledge:

  1. Visa Consultancy
  2. Insurance and financial consultancy
  3. Computer/digital consultancy
  4. IT related services
  5. Auditing and Taxation services
  6. Marketing consultancy
  7. Schooling and tuitions
  8. Management and environmental consultancies

If you are planning to start any of these services in Dubai, then it is best to apply for a professional business license.

Industrial License in Dubai

This is another popular business license that you can apply for in Dubai. The industrial license, as the name hints, is for the type of people or businesses who want to start manufacturing products and materials for multiple industries. To get an industrial license in Dubai, you or your business is required to have a physical office in the Emirates.

You can get an industrial license in Dubai for the following manufacturing businesses:

  • Garments
  • Machinery
  • Electronic Appliances
  • Wooden products and furniture
  • Dairy products
  • Meat products
  • Livestock products
  • Carpet and textile

If you are planning on starting your own manufacturing plant in Dubai, you have to apply for an industrial license. There are different formalities that you need to fulfill at the time of applying for this kind of license. You can directly get in touch with the economic development department in Dubai, or you can also take help from a reliable licensing consultant.

Tourism License in Dubai

This is another very commonly issued business license in Dubai. This type of license is issued to businesses and individuals who plan to provide travel-related services in Dubai and in the rest of the Emirates. Dubai and UAE, in general, are no doubt the hottest tourist places across the globe. So starting a tourism and travel business in Dubai can be very much profitable.

You can apply for a tourism license if you want to provide services like hoteling, tourist camping, cruising, boat rentals, housing, tour guide, restaurants, or other travel-relevant stuff in Dubai and its outskirts.

This visa type is quite easy to get, but it is important to check the requirements from the department of economic development before you apply.

Freelancing License/Permit in Dubai

This is currently one of the most popular licenses applied in Dubai. People working operating in free zones can apply for this kind of license. This license is given to those individuals who have expertise in technology, art, entertainment, and the media industry.

Some individuals who must apply for this license or permit include:

  1. Actors and Photographers
  2. Animators and Designers
  3. Content Writers and Providers
  4. Media Specialists
  5. Audio/Video Engineers

If you plan to work as an individual and remotely in Dubai or UAE, the freelance permit awaits you!


Here in this post, we have discussed the five most popular business licenses which you can apply for in Dubai. You must only get a license that is related to your business activities, location, and expertise. If you are confused about what kind of license you must apply for, it is best that you contact the DED or takes help from professional business consultants working in UAE.

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