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How to Set up a Restaurant Business in Dubai

How to Set up a Restaurant Business in Dubai

If you are a foreign investor and want to start a business in Dubai, many options are available.

One of the most result-driven business sectors in Dubai is the food industry. In the food industry, opening a restaurant holds a significant place.

Setting up a restaurant in Dubai can be the best business investment for foreign investors. However, before starting a restaurant business in Dubai, you need to keep several things in mind.

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Now let’s dive into the procedure of opening a restaurant in Dubai.

Essentials for setting up a restaurant in Dubai

1.   Get a trade license

First thing first!

In order to open a restaurant in Dubai mainland, you need to get a license from Dubai Economic Development (DED).

The DED will issue a commercial license for the operation of restaurants and coffee shops.

Since operating a restaurant falls under the professional category, foreign businessmen are allowed to own 100% of the mainland restaurant industry, and UAE citizens (the sponsor) will operate as legal service providers rather than 51% of LLC shareholders.

2.  Apply for the food license

Once you get the commercial license for opening a restaurant from the Dubai Economic Development, you should apply for the food license.

The food license can be obtained from the Food Safety Department.

In order to receive the Department’s approval, the restaurant entity should adhere to the requirements of the Food Code.

3.  Religiously follow the Food Code

Dubai demands greater food safety standards before approving restaurant businesses.

The Dubai Municipality has formed a Food Code, which offers a list of instructions for all restaurants to follow in order to adhere to the common food laws.

The Food Code mandates that eateries follow best practices and meet the highest levels of food safety.

The Food Code protects consumer interests by preserving their health and lives.

4. Take approval from Food Control Department for construction

The design for any new building or renovations must be submitted by the restaurant owners and must adhere to the rules endorsed by the Food Control Department.

Remember, you are not allowed to make major changes to the existing building without getting permission from the Food Control Department first.

Submit the restaurant layout

Before starting construction or remodeling, the applicant must submit the restaurant’s layout to the Food Control Department.

The layout should include information such as:

  • Cooking, cleaning, food storage, and seating areas and spaces
  • Ventilation system
  • Equipment layout
  • Specifics of exit and entry
  • Sanitary fixtures, public areas, restrooms, and storage places
  • Equipment for cleaning hands, washing dishes, and washing pots

Site requirements and location

The proposed restaurants’ proprietors must select locations comparatively far from garbage disposal sites and incompatible processing facilities to prevent contamination.

It would be best to keep your site more than 30 meters away from the contamination sources.

5.  Special requirements & permits

In addition to the above approvals, restaurants also need to get special permits to meet certain needs.

You need a vehicle permit for transporting food items, and you need a food truck license to run a food truck business.

If you want to serve pork in your restaurant, you need a special license.

Note: You cannot open a restaurant directly in a free zone in Dubai. Instead, you can only open a branch of a restaurant there.

Final Takeaways

Dubai is a great place for people who want to invest in the food business.

But because the Dubai government wants to make sure the safety of consumers, opening a restaurant in Dubai requires a lot of approvals.

When investing in a food business in Dubai, you need to know the right standards to meet the rules.

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