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Role of Business Consultants in Obtaining Business Licenses in Dubai

Role of Business Consultants in Obtaining Business Licenses in Dubai

Due to the simplicity of doing business here, Dubai attracts a lot of startups and well-known brands in the market.

In the UAE, conducting business is simple and comes with several benefits. However, if you are a newbie and are clueless about where to start your business in Dubai, a business consultant can help with that.

Business consultants offer assistance with many facets of your company. These consist of:

  • Legal services
  • Documentation services
  • Administrative services
  • And a lot more

Both newcomers to the industry and experienced ones can benefit from the matchless services of a business consultant.

Here are the main roles that a business consultant might play to help you out:

Choose the best jurisdiction

First things first!

Expert business consultants can help you choose the right business jurisdiction in Dubai. These are the three business jurisdictions in Dubai:

  • Mainland
  • Free zone
  • Offshore

Each of these three business jurisdictions has its own pros and cons, depending on your business category.

In order to benefit from the specific business jurisdiction in Dubai, you should have an in-field experience about which economic zone will best fit your field.

You do not need to worry if you do not have prior experience. Professional business consultants can help you choose the best business zone for your company.

Opt for the best fit legal structure

You are allowed to choose from various legal structures for starting your business in Dubai.

Some economic zones have legal forms that are not available in others. Most of the time, having so many options makes it hard to choose.

Particularly in light of the fact that this choice will decide the laws and rules to which your company will be subject after its formation.

Here are some of the most common ways the law is set up in the UAE:

  • General partnership
  • Sole partnership
  • Civil company
  • Joint venture
  • Limited liability company
  • Private shareholding company
  • Public shareholding company

If you have difficulty deciding the best legal structure for your business, you do not need to worry. Business consultants can help you decide the best legal structure for your business.

Complete the business registration process

The business registration process differs from one zone to another. However, there are some common steps involved in the business registration process.

On the other hand, there are some unique steps as per the economic zone you are registering for.

Here, business consultants can help you simplify your business registration process. They can take care of the entire registration process for you.

Fill out the business paperwork

As stated earlier, not all economic zones in Dubai have the same documentation procedure. These are the most common documents you need to submit to the authorities:

  • Business owner’s passport copy
  • EJARI registration certificate
  • The tenancy contract
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Initial approval certificate
  • External approval certificate

If you face difficulty in approving and submitting any of these documents, business consultants can help you streamline the process.

It is their responsibility to take great care of the documentation process.

Better deal with authorities

The Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai has a list of steps you need to take in order to register for a trade license.

Foreigners may find it hard to work with the DED and get all of these things done in a smooth way.

On the other hand, business consultants are always working with the government to bring a lot of new businesses into Dubai’s market.

They have the right connections to make all of these things go more smoothly.

Provide business operating guidance

Once the company formation process is complete, the business consultants can offer services to assist you in running your company profitably and successfully.

There are many minor issues that might divert business owners’ attention from truly important issues.

Business consultants’ duties also include taking care of these matters so that owners can concentrate on crucial choices for their company.

Avail of Bizstart business consulting services & get your business license effortlessly!

We have discussed the roles of business consultants in detail. If you want to get your business license, you can contact our experienced business consultants in Dubai.

We can help you save time and money. Our professionals are constantly working with authorities to simplify burdensome tasks.

So if you are looking for pro-business consultants in Dubai, Bizstart is the right choice for you. We will take immense care of your company formation process.

Feel free to call us!

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