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The Benefits of Setting Up a Mainland Business in Dubai!

Benefits of Setting Up a Mainland Business in Dubai

A Mainland company is registered with the UAE Department of Economic Development (DED).

So if you want to do business in Dubai’s Mainland, you have to register with DED. It will provide you with a business license.

In the case of commercial and professional licenses, there are no limitations on the company’s operational range.

If you want to establish a Mainland business in Dubai, you need Dubai’s local sponsor.

The Mainland business’s shareholding pattern is:

  • Foreign investors: 49%
  • Local sponsor: 51%

For-profit sharing between a local sponsor and a foreign investor, mainland businesses in Dubai have a flexible legal arrangement that lets a sponsor be paid a fixed annual fee, a percentage of sales, or a percentage of profits.

The most popular of them is the fixed annual fee, which allows the foreign investor to keep total control over his business and excludes the local sponsor from being involved in business operations or profit-sharing.

Advantages of registering a business in Dubai Mainland

In times like these, Dubai has become of the most popular tourist location in the world.

A top-notch strategic location, premium infrastructure facilities, a huge market of consumers, and entrepreneurs-friendly business policies have made Dubai the best business location globally.

These are the advantages of registering a business in Dubai Mainland:

  • 100% repatriation of profits and capital – you can fully transfer them.
  • No minimum amount of money needs to be put into a Mainland Company.
  • Dubai’s government does not impose a corporate tax on Mainland companies.
  • If you run a business on Mainland, you can trade with other mainland businesses across the UAE. You will have the freedom to do business anywhere in UAE or even further afield. This makes Mainland companies different from businesses in free zones, which can only run their own free zone.
  • As compared to free zone companies, Mainland companies have more options to do business.
  • Businesses from the rest of the world can set up their offices anywhere in Dubai. This feature lets them trade with the local market and open multiple branches of the company, which helps them build a strong presence in the UAE.
  • Companies on the Mainland are allowed to do work for the government, but free zone companies are not. Free zone companies are not allowed to do work for the government and can only do private commercial work.
  • The registration process for companies based on the Mainland is simple and easy. Also, there is no need for an audit every year.
  • A mainland license allows you to get an unlimited number of visas. If you have more office space, you can get more visas.

How much does a company license for the Mainland in Dubai cost?

Before starting a business in Dubai Mainland, you should know its cost.

Getting a mainland license in Dubai is one of these steps.

To figure out how much a mainland license in Dubai costs, you need to know what kind of license you need.

Businesses that sell things will need a commercial license, and businesses that make things will need an industrial license.

Businesses that provide services on the Mainland of Dubai will need a professional license, and businesses that deal with travel and tourism will need a tourism license.

In Dubai, the price of a business license can range from AED 15,000 to AED 50,000.

The total cost of getting a business license in Dubai depends on a number of things, such as the company sponsor, the location of the business setup, the type of business setup, the number of partners, and how the business is set up.

Also, any business set up on the Mainland of Dubai must have a business license, which helps people find the business and makes sure that people can be held accountable for what they do.

It also makes it easier for an investor to take part in government-introduced measures that are good for business.

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